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"Repair the Bare" a Natural Treatment for Scabies
How do you get Scabies?
Scabies is transmitted by prolonged skin to skin contact with someone and/or by sharing a space with someone who has it.  Scabies is more commonly spread in crowded places, like dorms and nursing homes, but with scabies on the rise, it’s becoming more common in households.  Most people who have contracted scabies don’t even realize they have it, and spread it to others unknowingly before it is diagnosed.  Scabies can mimic other itchy bumps such as poison ivy, chiggers, and mosquito bites, but scabies bumps don’t go away on their own, and actually get worse over time.  I suggest getting a Doctors diagnoses if this is the case.  The first time you get scabies, it may be several weeks before you have itching and skin sores, but once you have had it, the symptoms will probably start in just a day or two if contracted again.  
 You should not be ashamed if you have contracted scabies, it’s just as easy to get as lice.  Many people see scabies as a condition brought about by poor living conditions, but this is not true.  Just like lice, Scabies can be contracted by all social classes and cleanliness does not make a difference.  All it takes to contract scabies is prolonged human contact. 

Signs of Scabies:  
*Red itchy bumps that are raised and won’t go away.  The itch is usually very intense and even more so at night. Scabies usually start as just a few bumps and get worse over time.  
*Tiny wavy lines where the mites have burrowed (not always visible)
*Bumps are more common on the inner wrists, and between the fingers and toes, but can be on the abdomen, legs, arms, and feet.  Scabies don’t usually get on the face, head or back.
*More than one person in a household coming down with itchy bumps over time.
*Finding yourself scratching all the time, and obsessing about it.

How Repair the Bare works!
Repair the Bare was originally made for the Natural Treatment of scabies but can be used for so many skin problems. The reason our oil works so great on Scabies is what each individual oil brings to the blend.  Olive oil and Coconut oil smother the mites and actually break down the eggs and exoskeleton of the scabies mites.  Clove bud oil, Tea tree oil, Orange oil, and Lemon oil work together to kill the scabies mites themselves, and along with Neem and Lavender oil they work together as an excellent repellant to keep scabies from wanting to be on you at all!  Repair the Bare is also rich in Antioxidants and is naturally antiviral, anti-fungal, and is a natural disinfectant, so Repair the Bare not only gets rid of scabies, but is great for your skin too!  

How to use Repair the Bare for Scabies
Apply Repair the Bare from neck to feet everyday, after a bath and/or at bedtime are best.  You can apply our oil more than once a day if needed, but don’t skip a day!  The itching can seem a little worse for a few days and will probably take a few weeks to get real relief, even though the mites are dying, the bumps can take up to a month or so to disappear and stop itching.  Keep using Repair the Bare for at least 2 months even after the bumps are gone, our oil works as a repellant to keep them off of you.  Scabies mites are very common on your fingers and wrists, so you may need to apply Repair the Bare several times a day to your hands, especially after washing them.  Also,wash your laundry including sheets and towels often and vacuum often as well while treating Scabies.  Depending on the severity of the mites and how well everyone is being treated in the household can decide how long it takes to completely rid your home of Scabies.  If you don’t see relief within a few weeks, please see a physician. If you are pregnant or want to use our oil on a small child, also seek the advice of a physician.  Orange and Lemon oil also can make you more sensitive to sunlight, so take precautions.  

​Our StoryOur family was inflicted with Scabies three years ago, not knowing for months what it was. When we finally discovered that it was scabies, we knew we were dealing with a real problem.  We wanted to find a natural cure for Scabies without using prescription pesticides like Permethrin and Lindane, which are extremely harsh on your skin and can be very dangerous to use.  It’s also known that Scabies are becoming resistant to these pesticides and that they don’t always work!   Overwhelmed from all the crazy treatments and unheard of cleaning practices we read about and some even tried, we finally found a miracle in essential oils and their amazing qualities.   Repair the Bare feels so great on the skin and smells so wonderful that you will want to use our oil long after the scabies are gone!   With so many others also loving our oil blend, we knew that we had to share it with everyone and we strive to make our oil affordable and offer a low flat rate shipping fee.   Repair the Bare has all the the oils you need to treat scabies in one large 16oz bottle.  If you were to purchase all of the combined oils in Repair the Bare separately you would pay well over a hundred dollars, not to mention some of these oils are hard to find.  We are also very discrete with our product, so no one will know if you are using it for Scabies if that is a problem for you.

What is Scabies?
We here at Repair the Bare understand that many customers are interested in our oil because of it’s ability to rid the body of scabies.  So just what are scabies?  Scabies are actually microscopic mites that burrow into your skin and lay their eggs causing an intense allergic itch.  Scabies is contagious, and is usually transmitted by prolonged skin-to-skin contact with someone else who is infected with it.  The scabies mites crawl but are unable to fly or jump, and can live for about 2 to 3 days in clothing, bedding, or dust.

 These statements are for informational purposes only and our oil has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Contact Physician before use if pregnant or nursing, or if use on small children. Do not use if you have an allergy to any ingredients. Citrus oils may cause sensitivity to sunlight.